Le Café

This is a photo that I took last summer when we vacationed on the Mediterranean island of Corsica.  Corsica has many sidewalk cafés where you can sit back, sip an espresso and simply watch the day go by.  But, this photo could have been taken in any European city.  Delicious espresso – so wonderful.

What am I now drinking on the island of Mauritius?  Instant coffee.

Every morning I eagerly open the jar and stick my nose into the container as far as possible.  Breathing in the faint coffee vapors just to catch a small whiff.  The ‘espresso’ version tastes and looks almost identical to the ‘alta rica’ version when it’s prepared.  The only difference is a small trace of crema (if I can call it that) on the top when the water initially hits the dust, but it quickly fades after a minute or two. 

There really are no coffee shops here on the island.  And, no.  Not even the mega-monster of them all, Starbucks.  Tea is where it’s at here and I drink enough of it to make up for any of my coffee deficiencies. 

Enjoy it kids.  You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

UPDATE:  Once our container finally arrived on the island, I had my Nespresso machine.  And once our power transformers arrived, I finally had access to heavenly, delightful espresso…once more.


About Minnesota Pilgrim

A GenX Xpat who moved from Minnesota to Mauritius to France with her Frenchman lover. Multiple cultures, total bedlam, absolute bliss.
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2 Responses to Le Café

  1. Tracy says:

    I was just wondering if you had good coffee there. Thinking of your proximity to coffee lands, I was reassuring myself that, “Of Course she has good coffee!”

    How sad for me to learn otherwise.

    I would love to ship some good, organic Trader Joe’s varieties to you! What’s your address, and what are the chances something like that could actually find you there?!?!?


    p.s. LOVE the blog! save it all and write your book!

  2. Tracy says:

    OOOOOR, you could plant some beans and grow your own. Quickly, I’d imagine. Roasting can be done at home with a popcorn airpopper… Any chance you have one of THOSE? har har, I know.

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