Where’s the Beef?

Today, while I was cruising the groups on Facebook, I discovered a group that made me pause and reflect it’s called, We want bigger McDonald’s burgers in Mauritius!!!!!!!!!  There is one McDonald’s on the island located in Port Louis.

Here is the description of the group as written by Mr. Mangar, group administrator:

Let’s face it: Mauritian McDonald’s burgers are crappy.
It’s a known and universally recognized FACT that McDonald’s burgers in Mauritius are really, really, really thin.

It doesn’t mean that because we’re Mauritians, ergo we eat less than Americans or anybody else. That’s just bullshit. At least KFC rounders pack a decent amount of meat. McDonald’s burgers don’t. And that just pisses me off.

What can YOU do abt that? Well…you can join this group and lend a hand towards making it noticeable.  Eventually, when this group has enough members, we’ll be able to coordinate a petition to get those assholes at McDonald’s to increase the size of their burgers; and even diversify their crappy menu while we’re at it.

Join us today in our fight for bigger burgers!”

I tip my hat to you, Mr. Mangar, and wish you the very best of luck with your fight for bigger burgers.


About Minnesota Pilgrim

A GenX Xpat who moved from Minnesota to Mauritius to France with her Frenchman lover. Multiple cultures, total bedlam, absolute bliss.
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