My aunt in Texas dared to tell little-miss-worry-me that the ship carrying our container of goods from America would arrive safe and sound with the tiny exception that our container would happen to fall overboard.  Well, perhaps it has.

On May 15th all of our processions were packed into sealed crates and placed into a moving truck.  Originally, the crates were to have been placed into the actual 20 foot container that would be loaded onto the carrier ship and then sealed before my eyes; however, this never occurred.  There doesn’t seem to be much sea traffic going from the New Jersey port to the island of Mauritius, and there wasn’t a 20 foot Mauritian container available on the day of our scheduled move.  The moving guys assured me that they would take all of our crates back to the warehouse and when the container was ready, do a direct transfer from truck to container.   They would then seal the container, send me photos and load it onto the ship. 

I never received the photos and it’s been over two months since I’ve had any real change of wardrobe.  I’m happy to report that you can successfully live with five pairs of shoes and six pairs of socks, but I wouldn’t recommend it.   Initially, the container was scheduled to arrive the first week of July.  We were then updated that it would be July 11th, then the 15th, then the 18th, then the 21st.  And so on and so on until today, when we were told that it would be the 26th

Now, I’m a natural pessimist and I work hard every day to try to view that stupid glass as being half-full, but I have a dooming suspicion that our container has either been lost at sea or rampaged by sea pirates.  If you think about it, and if my recent business dealings with people that live in New Jersey are any indication (I’m sorry New Jersey, but I had one heck of a nasty time with a car dealer based in your otherwise lovely state), our little container would be the perfect vessel to secretly transfer drugs, weapons or small kidnapped women that are illegally bound for prostitution.

My container would provide such a safe method of transport for some potentially very nasty pants items, and you know this is probably exactly how movement of such goods occurs.  An unsuspecting, nice (there it is, there’s that word) woman from Minnesota naively signing off without viewing the container being sealed.  “What?  You’re unable to do what you were supposed to do?  That’s fine, Mr. Mover-Guy.  And hey, here’s a couple hundred in tips to thank you for all of your hard work.”  What customs officer is going to blink twice at a securely packed container filled with cook books, woolen mittens and AK-47s that are being shined and cleaned by secret prostitutes? 

Or maybe the crew was doing some light cleaning on board the ship and needed to readjust the containers to dust in between those hard to reach places.  Someone got a little too rambunctious attacking a dust bunny and it simply fell into the waters of the sea.  Everything I have ever owned, all memories and any important paperwork now resting comfortably in the icy darkness.

The shipping company here assures us that it is definitely not lost.  Three vessels were scheduled to arrive on the island over the weekend and they just never made it.  Now, the readjusted time schedule is for arrival on Saturday.  Perhaps, this is the normal way of sea shipments.  No one is exactly certain of when the ships will arrive.  Interesting business.  Or perhaps, pirates off the coast of Somalia are now playing Grand Theft Auto IV on our flat screen TV.


About Minnesota Pilgrim

A GenX Xpat who moved from Minnesota to Mauritius to France with her Frenchman lover. Multiple cultures, total bedlam, absolute bliss.
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One Response to Overboard?

  1. claude says:

    It’s very funny, Lisa. I think the container will arrive with us. We’ll help you to put all the things in the house. See you soon.

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