And now, the addition of extension cords

Blazing Apollo, it’s hot.  It’s the kind of day where you just sit and sweat.  Every living creature is seeking out water or shade and I’m one of them.  I’m a native Minnesota lady, after all, and I am just not used to this extreme heat.

The sun seriously feels like it’s going to melt off your skin.  Just melt it right off into a pile of gooey flesh that some Mauritian insect will certainly devour almost immediately.

I was going to take a dip in the pool as a morning refresher, but there now appears to be some sort of insect larvae swimming (or is it under water flying?) about in it.  I spent the morning scooping them out and watching them die on the hot stone patio. 

I would only feel bad about killing them if they were dragonfly larvae, but my gut instinct told me that any type of insect creature that is swimming en mass in the pool cannot be good for the pool nor for the people who swim in that pool. 

Plus, before coming to  Mauritius I had read about the tropical snail disease, schistosomiasis, and I just didn’t feel like taking that bodily adventure.

Besides, I don’t want our swimming pool to become known as the local insect nursery.  A few calls were made and the pool guy is coming on Thursday to dump in a bunch of don’t-lay-your-eggs-in-here chemicals.

On our last day on the island before we took off for France and America for the Christmas holidays, the water tank ran completely dry.  Since we were leaving and going to places where the water runs freely, we didn’t think much of it.

The Frenchman called the gardener while we were gone to get a status update as to what was going on with the tank.  The gardener told him that the tank was filled and that all was finally fixed.  Hurrah!  We’d arrive back home to a full tank of luscious water.

But, I should know by now not to get too excited over things that I have not seen drastically corrected or changed with my own two eyes. 

The tank has run painfully low once more. 

We called the gardener last night and this morning when the Frenchman was off to the office, we noticed a long extension cord running from the electrical outlet in the garage, all the way across the garden, out into the street and into the main water line box. 

A pump was attached at the other end near the main and when I went to check on the tank, I could hear the splashes of water filling it up.

When I asked the gardener why our water pressure from the main had suddenly dropped so low over the past month that it could no longer fill the tank without the assistance of an electrical pump, he just nodded and said that it was filling up.

I have been told that the low water situation is affecting everyone in the North; however, I am getting a strong sensation that our initial water tank/hose set-up maybe wasn’t done in the best way when the house was first built in the 80s.

Or perhaps, a new resort, office building or group of RES housing has just gone up and the additional strain is causing a pressure drop in our neighborhood.

Whatever the cause, it was a good start to the day.  It takes a few hoses and some extension cords, but we have water for a few days until the whole process, I suspect, will need to be repeated once more.


About Minnesota Pilgrim

A GenX Xpat who moved from Minnesota to Mauritius to France with her Frenchman lover. Multiple cultures, total bedlam, absolute bliss.
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2 Responses to And now, the addition of extension cords

  1. Katiecutehair says:

    Reading your post makes me glad that I don’t live on the coast. The weather in mid-south is much more comfortable. I am amazed that for such a small island, there really are different climates and weather patterns. Anyway- I hope that your water take situation finds a resolution and that you aren’t left without sufficient wetness for long.

    • MN Pilgrim says:

      Katie –
      It’s crazy isn’t it?! I was shocked by this, too. When I used to work in Port Louis, it could be raining hard there and then, by the time I would drive up to the north, bright and sunny. And yes, savor your cooler and up near the moutains location. It’s sweltering up here right now!

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