My Dynasty

I’m floating on a little piece of fluffy cloud-like happiness.

When we went back to the States for the holidays, we purchased some DVDs to bring back with us.  We have a region 1 DVD player and we get really jazzed when we can slowly walk down those entertainment-filled aisles at Best Buy and stock up.

We are slowly watching our way through TV series and movies that were previously unknown to us.  The amount of newly released televised and theatrical entertainment that we haven’t seen over the past few years is rather lengthy. 

We truly don’t have a clue, but thank the digital gods for friends and family that are more than happy to offer up suggestions.

Usually, our movie fill-up comes when we fly out of or into Mauritius.  The 11 plus hours each way it takes to reach the island from Paris and vice versa, gives us a chance to catch up until we eventually fall asleep.

We actually just finished one entire TV series that we started during the past winter here.  I’m not a sci-fi channel watcher.  In fact, I’ve never watched it…ever.  However, we have friends and family that are die-hard sci-fi fans. 

They suggested that we pick up the Battlestar Gallactica series because as they put it, “It’s one of the most amazing TV shows…ever.”

I will admit that I was skeptical and on-the-fence after the first few episodes.  What was with all that odd Irish music whenever things got a bit dramatic? 

However, after we finished the first full series, we were both hooked.  Now, having watched the entire thing, I will say that it was some pretty good entertainment that gave us plenty to discuss while we were eating dinner or swimming in the sea. 

Was it one of the most amazing TV shows…ever?  I don’t know.  But, I wouldn’t call myself a great TV critic nor would I consider myself to be someone with exceptionally wonderful taste when it comes to TV programs. 

And after living here for almost two years, I can honestly say that I could live without instant access to American TV for the rest of my life and be perfectly content. 

Scratch that – I could live in relative peace with myself if I only had access to fluffy, Hollywood award shows such as the Golden Globes which aired last night and which I am currently catching up on by reading about on-line. 

Of course, I have no idea about many of the shows and movies that were nominated, but it doesn’t matter.  I watch to see the stars and the fashion.

When we were in Minnesota and while we were searching and picking out TV series DVDs to bring back with us, I saw something that kind of made me lunge toward the shelf a little faster than was probably necessary.

‘Dynasty’ series one and two were out on DVD, sitting there on the shelf and within my immediate purchasing power.  No way.

How could I not buy these to bring back with me?  I used to watch this show every week when it aired back in the early 80s with my mother. 

My memories of it were foggy and I couldn’t really recall if it was great TV or not, but when I saw that rhinestone encrusted ‘DYNASTY’ twinkle on the cover, I knew it didn’t matter.  It was time to go back in time.

And so, last night I tossed in the first DVD and sat back with a giant bowl of pineapple waiting to be mesmerized and glamorized.

The theme song came on and I was in total and complete high-80s nirvana. 

The opening credits and music were so much longer than I remember.  Over two minutes of that amazing theme song, which I think, really should be played by all high school bands as an official concert selection.

The Frenchman wasn’t as impressed as I was with the sweeping views of Colorado mountain tops, dusty oil rigs and slow-motion head turns. 

After watching those first 2 opening minutes of the first episode, he stood up and said, “I don’t think this show is for me. I’m going outside.”

And so he went outside, but he couldn’t escape Blake Carrington’s steely-eyed looks nor Krystle’s numerous taupe colored outfits for long. 

The images were just too powerful and shone their way out the living room via the open front doors and into the grove of palm trees next to the pool. 

Our house simply could not contain the awesome abundance of teal colored carpet, breezy peach drapes and brass fireplace tools. 

My excitement was beyond control and being able to watch this in Mauritius made me even more crazy.  Every scene had me shouting out oo’s and oh’s and simply erupting into fits of laughter. 

At Krystle’s bridal shower, one of her friends gives her a riding crop as a gift.  The next gift that’s opened is the book ‘The Joy of Sex’. 

Oh, this is just too good, I thought. 

As Krystle shows the book off to the other womenat the party, one woman says, “I think it’s kind of raunchy.” 

Oo, I giggled, it‘s just too delicious.

Watching the women in the bridal shower scene, I realized that hair care and hair products have really come  a long way in the past 29 years.  I mean, Krystle’s hair is actually kind of frizzy.  Gasp!  And some of Krystle’s friends are actually not super duper thin.  Double gasp! 

And I did not remember that Blake Carrington had $200 million in the bank, the biggest house in Colorado (48 rooms!) and owned an entire football team.  Dang.

 I no longer blame the Disney movies for putting unrealistic princess-like expectations into my head.

And how controversial!  In the first episode there is a scene with protesters in the Middle East with signs saying, ‘American dogs go home,’ ‘Down with American greed,’ ‘It’s our oil – Americans get out.’ 

The casting for men of Middle Eastern decent must have been difficult because it looks like most of the actors are either Mexican or just California Caucasian guys with really dark wigs and a rub-on tan.

Blake tells Matthew after Matthew returns from a failed business endeavor in the Middle East, “You might have to go in front of a committee…and you can tell that committee that if they would have just given [the guys in the Middle East] the F-15s they asked for, they might not have been so quick to throw us out of there.” 

Wow.  Who was this Mr. Carrington, anyway?

At this point in the episode, the Frenchman has re-entered the living room and the only other comment he makes is, “Did you see the size of her cell phone?”

Oh, I saw Fallon’s phone, all right.  How could you miss what appeared to be a long-range, high frequency radio with an antennae that reached out into deep space.  I was impressed that she could even hold onto it while galloping along on her horse.

In another scene, we are introduced to “Crazy Claudia”.  She has recently left the hospital and meets up with her husband, Matthew, and their daughter. 

Matthew says to Claudia, “Your daughter needs you. Things are going to start happening very quickly for her now…there’s gonna be changes…changes only a mother can explain.” 

Camera cuts to daughter looking totally freaked out. 

Uh-huh, be freaked, little lady.  Be freaked that your dad actually says stuff like that to your mom.

And then (drum-roll), it was time for the big wedding day and it was an extreme 80s excess overload (drool).

Krystle’s wedding ring takes up the entire space between the base of her finger and her knuckle joint.  The flowers look like a permanent exhibit at a garden conservatory and the food is being prepared by no less than a dozen trained chefs and their associated staffs.

There were many close-up shots of the food being prepared (which I found kind of strange) and upon close inspection, the croissants seem made with what looks like Pillsbury crescent rolls. 

Food carving and sculpting must have become popular during the 80s because almost every tray of wedding food contained some sort of melon or gourd that was carved into a swan, a fishbowl or some other animal. 

And, of course, there was a huge 5-tier white wedding cake complete with a groom and bride standing beneath white bells tied with a white ribbon into a big bouncy bow.  Ah, love, sigh.

And throughout most of the episodes, everyone is drinking constantly.

The moment someone enters a room, the person they are going to talk to is either already drinking or about to fix himself or herself a drink from one of the stylish crystal decanters that are in every room.

The person  already in the room then usually ask if the other person wants a drink, but the answer is irrelevant.  On his private jet, Blake asks Krystle is she wants a brandy and even though she says, ‘no’, he still fixes and brings her one.  Drink up, missus.

I don’t know what I liked more.  All the shots of men wearing hard hats climbing oil rigs in tight-fitting jeans or the constant parade of synthetic pleated fabrics. 

My viewing attention was sucked further into an episode by each new outfit Krystle would wear. 

Her choice of a billowy satin shirt tucked into a high waist, slim fitted, super pleated pant, effortlessly cinched together with a pale colored belt, made me want to slip into something pale and rayon. 

After Blake and Krystle’s wedding, Jeff Colby tells Steven, “I remember my mother’s wedding.  All I wanted to do was shove that guy’s face in the punch bowl until the orange sherbet started running out of his ears.”

I’m writing this and flipping back and forth to sites with photos of what the stars wore last night to the Golden Globes.

In my Dynasty-filled head, I was just wondering when peach, taupe and teal would make it back into people’s closets, but considering how many peach colored ball gowns were worn last night, I guess that question has been answered. 

However, whatever happened to punch made with sherbet?  Do you think it was served at the after parties?


About Minnesota Pilgrim

A GenX Xpat who moved from Minnesota to Mauritius to France with her Frenchman lover. Multiple cultures, total bedlam, absolute bliss.
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5 Responses to My Dynasty

  1. M&M says:

    So funny! I used to love Dynasty and now I fear, I may have re-visit Knots Landing.

    I am now, more than ever, grateful for the little DVD store on the corner and their stack of “under-the-counter” selections that we are now privy to. We are still waiting for Season 3 of Dexter, and the sweet-little-gal behind the counter says every time, “It’s in the post!” when I ask if its in yet. In the states I believe Season 4 is already available to rent, maybe even Season 5, but strangely, we are perfectly content to wait.


  2. wendie says:

    Hey there,

    Can I ask you what widget you used to create the People Who Blog and Curiosity Corner? I have the Blogroll thing, and I can’t rename it and I hate that it says Blogroll.

    I also love how you created the banner of the winter (minnesota? of course!)/Mauritus scenes. I don’t want to copy your ideas or anything, I just want my blog to look just like yours. I’m totally kidding.

    I did forget about Falcon Crest, could never get into it. I laughed so hard at your descriptions of all of Krystal’s beige outfits. In real life she dated Yanni, for years. He played keyboards in a band called Chameleon, they were big in the Twin Cities in late 70’s and early 80’s. My best friend dated their manager and we got into all their shows for free. The drummer also had a spinning drum solo… I had the biggest crush on Yanni and he always had stains on the front of his white blazer he always wore. My girlfriend and I couldn’t believe he hooked up with Linda Evans.


    • Minnesota Pilgrim says:

      You had a crush on Yanni and your best friend dated his band’s manager? Wow. I did not know that Yanni had such a big Minnesota connection – he went to the U? And I totally forgot about the Linda Evans and Yanni love story. I wonder how they ever met in the first place. How could you not get into Falcon Crest with yummy Lorenzo Lamas running around the vineyard? But, then again…you did have a crush on Yanni… 😉

      You can change the description of the blogroll widget by changing the link category. You do this in the links section, not the appearance (widget) section. And my Curiosity Corner is the Category widget. Hope this helps and good luck with the stop smoking program!

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