The Minnesota Pilgrim was born and raised in Minnesota.  She spent over 15 years huffing and puffing away in the carpeted hallways of  ‘Corporate America’ in the cities of Minneapolis, Chicago and Philadelphia. 

In 2008, she moved with her Frenchman lover to the island nation of Mauritius located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Madagascar. 

While there, she worked as an ERP IT Manager for a local consulting firm on the island.  She then started her own  independent IT consulting company and did contract work in the fields of IT and Marketing.  She also volunteered as a local yoga instructor and English language tutor.

In 2010, the Pilgrim packed up her entire life, once more, into a 20 ft. container and set sail from Mauritius to France.

She hopes to find her way soon.

Pourquoi Pilgrim?

The Minnesota Pilgrim: 

  • Does not have any known distant family relations to the Sons and Daughters of the Mayflower
  • Is someone who travels to and lives and works in foreign lands
  • Does not have a particular fondness for Thanksgiving
  • Is proud of her American heritage
  • Thinks shiny buckles are cool, but a bit impractical and heavy when worn as hat decoration
  • Has no plans for an immediate journey to a sacred, geographical place
  • Is giving a shout-out to her roots growing up as a PK in the Land of Lakes with beefy noodle casseroles
  • Is desperately trying to learn the French language

6 Responses to About

  1. Arnaud says:

    Impatient to hear about all your strories…

  2. Tracy says:

    more more more. keep writing. why did you have to get a stinkin’ job? i live vicariously, you are my vicar(?). which means there is a bit of a spiritual quality to all these travels. and you MAY be bound by higher laws to continue reporting your experiences…

  3. malta4me says:

    Your blog makes mine look like a child’s fingerpainting project! It’s awesome! I love the way you write and your photos are amazing. I am very new to this blogging thing and have so many questions…. I try to be patient and read all of the help topics, but the more I read, the more ADD I become, one topic just bleeds into another.

    Thank you for commenting, it was exciting to think that there was someone out there that had interest in what I had to say. And someone from Minnesota, how great is that?

    M&M (Malta&Minnesota)

  4. Wanderer says:

    well interesting to read about your points of views about Mauritius. I am adding you to my blogroll.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog 🙂

  5. paul says:


    a bit abrupt, but there is no privat email 🙂

    big fan of your blog, landed from Europe with wifey and kid few days ago in Mont Choisy. Want to learn more about the island, would very much like to invite you guys for a dinner out.

    If interested, please reply on my email.

    all best,

  6. Helen says:

    Thanks so much for the ping! I’m enjoying having a look at your photos – especially because I lived in Mauritius for three years when I was a child! Where did you live?

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