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Spice Island

Mauritius was a stop on the spice route way before the days of freeze-dry, and one of the things I have really dug while living here is that I’ve been able to experience all sorts of new spices and flavors … Continue reading

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Pick a Language

Last week it seemed as if I almost killed a guy in my, what is now, weekly yoga class.  It was hardly my fault due to the fact that I think the major problem was the fact that he couldn’t … Continue reading

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PART I – Me, the Drunk Sailor and the Rastafarian

You have got to be kidding me.  What great cosmic karma fault did I commit to have what seems like multiple lifetimes of sheer chaos dumped on me all at once? For over two months I waited patiently. For over … Continue reading

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Oh, how completely inappropriate

I have a house staff and I dig it – big time.  Living where we live, allows us the opportunity to hire the help of numerous people.  There’s our gardener.  He’s the quiet type and keeps to himself and the … Continue reading

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