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The Gang’s All Here

It’s the week of home repairs and projects.  As I write this there are six people now either in the house or out in the garden and not one of them speaks English and, for some reason, the housekeeper seems oddly … Continue reading

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Cosby and His Pudding

I just had one of those discussions where after I was driving away I thought, “Oh god.  Did I just really say that?!” Granted, this is not a new experience for me.  Us uber-talkers tend to run north to south … Continue reading

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Pick a Language

Last week it seemed as if I almost killed a guy in my, what is now, weekly yoga class.  It was hardly my fault due to the fact that I think the major problem was the fact that he couldn’t … Continue reading

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Part III – The French Dinner Party

I love a good dinner party. The food, the wine and the conversation, whether silly or serious, always gives me a buzzing energy that helps me feel connected to people. With everybody sitting around talking, eating, drinking and having a good time – it’s … Continue reading

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I am completely over-using one particular French expression.  Finding myself at a loss for more complex sentence structures due to the fact that I really only know the present tense of verbs and my knowledge of any other vocabulary is … Continue reading

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