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And now, the addition of extension cords

Blazing Apollo, it’s hot.  It’s the kind of day where you just sit and sweat.  Every living creature is seeking out water or shade and I’m one of them.  I’m a native Minnesota lady, after all, and I am just … Continue reading

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A Method of Hoses

On day 6 of the ‘will we or won’t we have water, today’ adventure, the tank was finally filled, but not by normal means. Yesterday, the gardener swung by to give me the daily water update.  He told me that … Continue reading

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Water Tank Fairies

Hotness.  The past few days have been the gorgeous, sticky, tropical summer days that make the tourists flock here when it gets cold and grey up  in the North.  I love to see the happy, sun-dazed and rather sun-burned tourists that … Continue reading

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Oh, how completely inappropriate

I have a house staff and I dig it – big time.  Living where we live, allows us the opportunity to hire the help of numerous people.  There’s our gardener.  He’s the quiet type and keeps to himself and the … Continue reading

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