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And now, the addition of extension cords

Blazing Apollo, it’s hot.  It’s the kind of day where you just sit and sweat.  Every living creature is seeking out water or shade and I’m one of them.  I’m a native Minnesota lady, after all, and I am just … Continue reading

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Golf Glove Fantasies

Boy, did we try. Saturday and Sunday saw us participate in what has become one of our weekend rituals – playing the sport of golf.  Playing may or may not be the most accurate verb to describe what we do/did, … Continue reading

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Ave Maria and the Buttercream-Colored Girl

Or ‘How I know I’m not in Minnesota anymore’. Stop signs are optional.  This was discovered back during the white knuckle days of learning to navigate the streets.  There is one particular stop sign in the big city where everybody … Continue reading

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Oh, how completely inappropriate

I have a house staff and I dig it – big time.  Living where we live, allows us the opportunity to hire the help of numerous people.  There’s our gardener.  He’s the quiet type and keeps to himself and the … Continue reading

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