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Attack of the Spider

With the exception of a small hair burning incident (there is such a thing as getting too close to smell food cooking on a gas burner stove – hello, lesson a 5-year-old could tell you – duh), the week ended well … Continue reading

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Magnitude 7.0

When a natural disaster strikes anywhere in the world, it is cause for alarm, panic and shock.  But, I think when a natural disaster occurs on an island, the reaction time for shock starts before the alarm goes off. I keep … Continue reading

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Ave Maria and the Buttercream-Colored Girl

Or ‘How I know I’m not in Minnesota anymore’. Stop signs are optional.  This was discovered back during the white knuckle days of learning to navigate the streets.  There is one particular stop sign in the big city where everybody … Continue reading

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I have no choice, Monsieur Camus

Having grown up in the Mid-West, I learned to drive on wide, asphalt-covered, grand swaths of road and highway; and because my tiny hometown was also situated in the countryside, there were plenty of gravel roads to whiz down, as … Continue reading

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The Chinese Bus

The other day my housekeeper and I went to the local fishmongers to purchase some fresh fish and other assorted seafood.  I was excited because having spent many moons in the land-o-lakes, I wasn’t really in the habit of eating much … Continue reading

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