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Land O’ Lakes. 10,000 Lakes. Twin Cities. St. Paul. Minneapolis. Sky-tinted water. Mississippi. Lake Superior. Metrodome. Rochester Clinic. Skyways. Winter Carnival. Mall of America. 3M. Scotch tape. Pillsbury Dough Boy. Aveda. Jolly Green Giant. Spam (the meat in a can). Tonka Trucks. Northwest Airlines. Flour mills. General Mills. The Iron Range. Granite. Guthrie Theater. Walker Art Center.

4×6 Spaces

I went back.  I was there and came back and in between those four glorious weeks I filled myself with as much energy as I could take into myself.  Friends, family, people I hadn’t seen in years and those that … Continue reading

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The Scent of a Season

Maple Pancakes.  Creamy Caramel.  All Hallow’s Eve.  Boney Bunch Candy Corn.  Evening Air.  Apple Cider.  Apple Pie.  Autumn Leaves.  Autumn Wreath.  These fragrance memories and many more brought to you by Yankee Candle. Ah, the Yankee Candle candle shops back … Continue reading

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One Nation Under Cheese

It’s really French here.  (Excellent observation – 1 point) The French language is challenging to a native English speaker.  (Another wonderful statement of the obvious – 2 points) French cheese rocks…hardcore.  (Duh and more delicious duh – unlimited points that … Continue reading

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USS Nicholas Captures Pirates in Indian Ocean

And I say, “What the hootin-hey is going on in the Indian Ocean?!” The USS Nicholas is the same ship that visited Mauritius along with the HSV SWIFT in February.  I was fortunate enough to get to tour the HSV … Continue reading

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That’s Some Quality Leather Goods

I am sitting in Florence at a gorgeous little bar drinking a glass of prosecco.  My travel companion has gone up to our room for a quick before dinner nap. Harry Connick Jr. plays gently in the background and as … Continue reading

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